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IBC AeroFix G3

One component of solar systems that is not often in the spotlight, but is nevertheless very important for the quality and stability of a system, is the mounting system. For this reason, we would like to present the portfolio of our in-house mounting systems and their many advantages today. Because in addition to quick installation, they are also characterised by durability and stability.

Fast and safe – IBC AeroFix G3

At Intersolar 2022, we were able to present the aerodynamic flat roof mounting system IBC AeroFix G3 for the first time. This year, we included some innovations: thanks to some optimisations to joints and connecting elements, mounting is now even easier and safer. For one thing, the ingenious tilting joint now has a straight bar. This makes the alignment of the tilting joint even more comfortable when mounting the module. An update of the wind deflector bracket also makes the assembly even more efficient. It is now done with thin sheet metal screws instead of the classic screw and slot nut.

Another new feature is an internal butt connector for connecting the bottom rails. This mounting component also supports rapid installation on the roof and contributes to greater stability and straight alignment of the floor rails. In addition, the butt connector serves as a lightning conductor. This means that in the event of a lightning strike, the lightning currents are reliably conducted in the connected floor rails in compliance with regulations. The system just requires interception devices and conductors at appro

IBC AeroFlat

priate intervals. This in turn saves time and material costs, the space for the PV system is not restricted and the system costs are reduced.

Stable and specialised – IBC AeroFlat for commercial roofs

The AeroFlat mounting system is an extension to our proven IBC AeroFix and allows roof-penetration-free mounting. The roof-parallel, aerodynamic mounting system for commercial roofs is specially designed for pitched bitumen and foil roofs and can be used up to a maximum roof pitch of 30 degrees and a roof height of 35 metres.

The ballasted mounting system IBC AeroFlat was successfully tested in the wind tunnel. The 18 centimetre wide base rails offer large support surfaces. As a result, all loads are optimally distributed and there is only a very low pressure load on the insulation and the roof foil. In addition, the IBC AeroFlat mounting system allows variable ground rail spacing and optimal alignment of the solar modules, and thus maximum flexibility. Thanks to the modular construction system, only low additional storage costs are associated with the AeroFlat.

Flexible and versatile – IBC TopFix 200

In the field of pitched roof installation, our proven modular system IBC TopFix 200 continues to impress. With various clamps, rails, roof hooks and shaped metal tiles, the system is suitable for universal use on almost any pitched roof. Our many years of experience, numerous tips from industry ass

IBC TopFix 200

ociations and the requirements of premium partners have gone into the development of this system. Due to its perfectly matched individual parts, the IBC TopFix 200 meets the highest quality standards and thus stands for uncompromising safety. Due to the pre-assembled parts, assembly costs are already kept low during the installation of the system. High-quality components ensure a long service life and are the basis for constant performance.

Focus on quality

To prove the high quality of our mounting systems, they are always extensively tested in combination with solar modules. This is done in the SUNLAB PV test laboratory, where the modules and mountings have to pass a total of seven endurance tests. All information on this can also be found on our blog.

Would you like to know more about our mounting systems and their individual components? Then take a look at our product catalogue in the online shop.

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