More energy independence: vehicle bodybuilder with new SMA commercial storage system

Together with our Premium Partner Sonnenkompetenz we have equipped the bodywork and accident repair specialist Scholz from Zeil am Main (Bavaria) with an individually tailored and comprehensive energy solution. The PV system with 122-kilowatt-peak (kWp) capacity will be expanded to include the new SMA commercial storage system with a capacity of 32 kilowatt hours (kWh) and an integrated energy management system. 

Being independent from rising energy costs is becoming increasingly important for companies with a high electricity consumption. That’s why the paint and bodywork specialist Scholz, based in Zeil am Main, has opted for a complete solar system with the new SMA Commercial Energy Solution System at its heart. Scholz requires around 90,000 kWh of electricity per year, particularly for the large vehicle painting booths, the central extraction system, heaters, welding equipment, and ventilating the halls. Impulse heaters, inverter spot welders, washing equipment, mixing equipment and various other straightening devices, such as the Miracle outer skin straightening system, also contribute to the high power consumption. The electricity demand is largely generated during the hours in which the PV system generates electricity. Most of the remaining time can now be covered by the SMA storage system. In the future, the paint shop will be able to cover 60-70% of its energy requirements with its own solar energy solution.

Successful cooperation

Arno Scholz, Co-Owner Karosseriebau Scholz

Our C&I Energy Storage expert team supported our long-standing Premium Partner Sonnenkomepetenz, who installed the system, in implementing the project quickly and efficiently. The support offered ranged from selecting the right components, through design and detailed planning, to assistance during commissioning and the initial operating phase.

Andreas Lipphardt, Sonnenkompetenz, and Dr. Stratis Tapanlis, IBC SOLAR

“As an entrepreneur, I think it’s important to act in a forward-looking and sustainable way and make sure our approach is economically viable. A solar energy solution for greater self-sufficiency in an era of rising prices is a huge step towards leading our specialist paint and bodywork shop into a successful future”, says Arno Scholz, joint owner of Scholz Karosseriebau GmbH & Co. KG. “We’re in an ideal position thanks to the SMA storage system.”

“Our goal is to unlock smart, safe and cost-effective commercial solutions for customers. We’re delighted to have created a tailored solution for Scholz that features the latest components and is pioneering in the field of commercial systems”, adds Dr. Stratis Tapanlis, Director C&I Energy Storage at IBC SOLAR.

We are pleased about the successful cooperation with our premium partner Sonnenkompetenz and the company Scholz. The new SMA commercial storage system will certainly help many more companies achieve greater energy independence in the future.

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  1. I appreciate the insightful article on IBC Solar’s new SMA commercial storage system, which promises to contribute to greater energy independence. This innovation is a significant step forward in sustainable energy solutions, offering potential benefits for both individuals and businesses. It’s encouraging to see companies like IBC Solar leading the way in advancing renewable energy technologies.

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