PV in Austria: The Energiesparmesse Wels

A number of trade fairs and conferences on photovoltaics and renewable energies are currently taking place around the world. Including in Austria, where the Energiesparmesse Wels opens its doors from 8-10 March. In today’s article, we want to take this as an opportunity to take a closer look at the PV market in Austria. You can also look forward to the highlights that IBC SOLAR will be presenting in Wels this year.

The PV market in Austria

2023 was also a record year for Austria in terms of PV installations. With 2.2 GW added, an increase of more than 100 % was achieved compared to 1 GW in 2022. In addition, the share of renewable energies in Austrian electricity generation rose from 78 % in 2022 to 87 %. PV had a share of 4.4 %. It can be assumed that the full extent of the strong expansion last year will not be felt until 2024. However, the expansion target for PV of 11 TWh by 2030 is still a long way off, even with the current record expansion. In order to achieve this target, measures in the grid area are necessary as well as a significant expansion of open space utilisation in addition to roof and façade areas.

New subsidy rules have also applied since January 2024. Private systems with an output of up to 35 kW are exempt from VAT. However, this only applies to new systems, not to the expansion of existing ones. Applications for extensions and expansions must still be submitted via OeMAG. The exemption from VAT will certainly encourage expansion for 2024. There are further funding programmes for grid-connected storage projects as well as model and lighthouse projects.

IBC SOLAR at the Energiesparmesse

This year, we will once again be presenting our two market segments Residential and Commercial & Industrial in Wels. We were able to expand our supplier portfolio last year, but the focus is on our own brand products. For the residential segment, this includes an aesthetically pleasing IBC SOLAR BLACK module, the IBC MonoSol 435 MS10-HC-N Black GEN2,  in combination with our TopFix200 mounting system. The highlights here are the easy-to-install Mammut Form S+ sheet metal tile and the new height-adjustable, flexible G3 Vario end clamp. In addition, there are other products from our partners, in particular Fronius, SMA and Sungrow, such as inverters, storage units and accessories such as wallboxes and heating rods, which make it possible to increase self-consumption of the electricity produced. In the C&I segment, we have the powerful IBC MonoSol 445 MS10-HC-N GEN2 module as well as our roof-penetration-free, quick-to-install AeroFix flat roof system and SMA C&I inverters.

PV and Digitalisation

Last but not least, a lot has happened in the area of digitalisation. We will be presenting both our PV Manager and our solar power calculator to trade fair visitors. As a comprehensive programme, the PV Manager offers all functions for planning, selling and processing grid-connected PV systems in the residential and commercial sectors in a single software package. It guides installers professionally through every project – from customer enquiry, quotation and order through to commissioning. The solar power calculator, on the other hand, is also of interest to end customers. With just a few details and in just a few clicks, they can dimension their own solar systems. The solar power calculator also calculates possible electricity cost savings through self-consumption – with and without storage – and offers corresponding options for system utilisation. It is therefore worthwhile for installers to integrate the solar power calculator on their website, as they can offer their potential customers a useful additional service and generate enquiries at the same time.

During our discussions last year, we noticed a great desire for self-sufficiency from ever-increasing energy prices and a high level of interest in our storage solutions. We are looking forward to the joint meeting and the exchange about current and new market needs and developments.

In addition, our exhibition stand is in line with IBC SOLAR’s sustainability standards and will be built according to the cradle-to-cradle principle. This means that the majority of the materials used can be completely returned to the biological or technical cycle after the trade fair without downcycling. Wood is used for product tables, cabin walls and counters. The walls are not pasted or printed on, so that communication largely takes place via screens. This saves material and ultimately waste.

What we expect for 2024

While 2023 was still characterised by the energy crisis of the previous year and orders could only be implemented with delays due to supply bottlenecks, we are very well positioned in 2024. There are no gaps in availability, so nothing stands in the way of planning and implementing numerous projects.

The elimination of time-consuming subsidy applications has also made a difference in terms of bureaucracy, and legal improvements have simplified the implementation of PV projects.

Overall, the prospects for PV in Austria are therefore very positive and we are looking forward to what the year has in store for us.

We are looking forward to an exciting trade fair in Wels with many new impressions and stimulating discussions with existing and new premium partners. Come and visit us in Hall 20, Stand E1050 and get an idea of our portfolio and the proven IBC SOLAR quality.

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