Commercial PV in Lebanon is on the rise

Solar specialists of Smart Age installing IBC TopFix 200 delta support. (Source: Smart Age)

Our Lebanese Premium Partner Smart Age has equipped two industrial companies with individual solar power solutions. The plants for the Al-Kazzi factory and the Woody factory show how to gain economic advantage from solar power by reducing energy costs. Both solutions use high-quality components with long-time guarantees such as the IBC TopFix 200 mounting system and modules of our brand IBC SOLAR Line.

Lebanon has been an important target market for us in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) since 2015. Private households and companies are increasingly investing in PV solutions, with a focus on self-supply with solar power to reduce energy costs. This trend could also be seen at this year’s Intersolar Europe, where our booth attracted large amounts of interest from customers from the MENA region. Albert Engelbrecht, Senior Vice President Solutions International, explains:

“The combination of high solar radiation and attractive state funding programs like Green Loan in Lebanon will make the countries in the MENA region key solar markets in the future.”

Smart Age has been active in the field of solar energy since 2010 and is specialised in hybrid and off-grid projects. Two projects of that kind had recently been realised for the factories Al-Kazzi and Woody.

Al-Kazzi factory with solar carports on the top. (Source: Smart Age)

Since 1980, AL-Kazzi has been at the forefront of the Lebanese market in the production of healthy nut snacks (“Baked not fried”). Recently the company has opened a new factory in Hsoun (CAZA Byblos) and opted for a PV solution in order to save the environment and reduce energy costs. Smart Age conducted the site evaluation, determining customer requirements and expectations and associated load curves. The design of the 163 kWp PV plant was validated by IBC SOLAR, which provided all necessary components such as 615 IBC PolySol 265 CS modules and the IBC TopFix 200 mounting system. Al-Kazzi is one of the first adopters of the diesel-hybrid technology, which synchronises the energy production of the PV system with diesel gensets during day time. What is noteworthy about this project is that PV modules were mounted on a steel structure in the form of a car port. The system is supposed to generate 263,000 kWh/year.

Modules on the roof of the Woody factory – mounted with IBC TopFix 200 delta support. (Source: Smart Age)

Woody Factory, located in Halat near the Mediterranean Sea, is a highly advanced carpentry producing products for projects in Lebanon and abroad. The high electricity costs pushed the owner to invest in an on-grid PV system to make use of the spacious roof, which allows the installation of a solar capacity of 75 kWp, and help reduce electricity bills. Smart Age was the chosen turnkey solution provider and  picked the IBC TopFix 200 Delta Support mounting structure for this project. The non-penetrative mounting reduces the risk of roof leakage and also offers maximum stability. The PV system was connected to the utility to allow net metering. The 285 IBC PolySol 265 CS modules will produce 121,000 kWh/year.



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