Our summer campaign: Life, empowered by the sun!

Hot, hotter, summer 2018: Even though the heat wave is currently causing many difficulties, one thing is certain: there has never been produced so much solar energy! Perfect conditions for our new campaign “Life, empowered by the sun!”, which we recently launched.

“Life, empowered by the sun!” – this means using the power of your own solar system throughout the household. The more solar power is consumed directly, the more money is saved. During this years’ time we will draw the attention of B2C customers to the topic of direct consumption of solar energy through a creative and wide-reaching advertising campaign.

We have recently started with an animated 3D house on our website that is illustrating the energy from the sun, flowing through the modules, into the inverters and to the consumers in the house.

Why don’t you just click in, try out the features and experience how the “Flow” whizzes through the house!

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